Town Farm Tonics

Herbalist Crafted.  Locally Inspired.  Thoughtfully Sourced.  Based in Westport, MA  Carissa + Adam are partners in life and work. 

Carissa says, "A seed was planted as my papa battled unexpected cancer many years ago.  Bringing him cold glasses of milk was my antidote to helplessness, as stories were his. In my small acts and presence, I could help.

Today I offer just about everyone a mug of tea (often with a big splash of milk!) with the same devotion of that nine-year-old. I’ve always believed that the ability to care for ourselves and those we love is an act of empowerment. It’s what brought me to herbalism, often referred to as “the people’s medicine”.

In a world where we’re often told that so many choices are beyond our power, herbalism reminds me that our health is in our hands. We mean for each one of our tonics to be both your reminder and a small act of rebellion: your health is in your hands. Big changes begin with small steps."