Worry: A natural part of our human experience, Workshop on Friday October 25

With Carrie Vinson, LICSW 

Do you worry? You are not alone! Worry is universal and natural. Join us and learn how to shift your Worry toward a greater sense of calm. In this two hour event, we'll share strategies designed to help you achieve greater awareness and mastery over your worry! Sign up now to reserve your spot as space is limited!  Parking available at Elm St. Parking Garage or on-street.

Workshop Date:  Friday October 25, 2019

Workshop Time:  4:30pm to 6:30pm

Workshop Location:  36 N. Water St., New Bedford, MA   

Together, Carrie Foster Vinson, LICSW, Life Coach, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist with Artist/Designer Kim Morin Weineck have collaborated to create The WORRY Deck. In this practical and empowering collection, Carrie shares her distilled insight from helping people deal with the universal emotion of worry. Kim’s illustrations of acorns, newly grown oak trees, and beautiful leaves organize the deck of 52 cards into strategies, reminders and affirmations. (The Worry Deck is available for purchase at The Drawing Room for $25.)