"Great White Egret", Original Oil Painting by Christy Gunnels

Original Oil Painting measures 10" x 10" by Christy Gunnels, Wareham, MA; framed to 11" x 11"

A few years ago while staying on Anna Maria Island in Florida, the egrets would visit daily searching for a free handout of food.  We were in a rented house on a canal.  Apparently, renters had been feeding this and other birds so regularly that they were unafraid of humans. This egret displays the characteristics of mating season with long lacy, delicate and flowing plumes, the blackish areas of the bill and the green facial skin.  These magnificent birds average 31 inches in length with a wingspan of 51-55 inches.  Yet, their average weight is only 2.1 lbs.. 

I chose this view of the egret because of the beautiful way the neck curled back against the body and turned to display the profile with the startling green facial skin and bold eye.  





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