Westport Rivers 2019 Pinot Noir

2019 Pinot Noir from Westport Rivers

Tasting Notes:
A quick nosing will give you restrained fruit, oak, and sweet florals. Give your nose some time, and cherry liqueur and strawberry candy emerge as the dominating fruit contenders. Always present is an aura of French oak. Delicate, lithe, hinting at baking spice but not quite prominent enough to get specific name recognition. Like a word on the tip of your tongue never making itself known, such is the demur of this oak.
Stay with the bouquet long enough and you’ll suss out a slightly salty, soy-and-forest-floor savoriness. This sip is plucky, immediately launching you into food fantasy. It is light in body but a force, wanting to wash away cream and fat and sugar and oil, leaving behind what was hiding. A tingle of pepper edges out on the finish.
This is a dry wine. Tannins flit away as the acidity brings on the palate cleansing, leaving behind silk. Mustard seed and black tea ride out on the finish. The fruit dominates but is always accompanied, cleaved, even, by French Oak and savory.
Acidity lends substance where the presence of tannin feels more of a suggestion or apparition than a voice in the chorus of the sip.

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