Spiced Coconut Cleanser & Scrub

This 4 oz. glass jar of Spiced Coconut Cleanser & Scrub is handcrafted by Honey + Vine Apothecary in Tiverton, RI.

An exfoliating and cleansing powder containing coconut milk, ground nutmeg, coconut husk and a gentle soap to scrub skin.  Pour small amount into palm and add a few drops of water until sudsy.  Apply to face and rub in circular motion.  Rinse well, avoiding eyes.

Smells like a chai latte!  Nutmeg, coconut milk and a very gentle soap (known as “baby foam”) that is derived from coconut fatty acids makes this a wonderful scrub and cleanser.  Not recommended for irritated skin or for those with rosacea.

Every product is handmade from carefully sourced mineral clay, plant and nut oils, honey and spices and uses gentle surfactants and active botanicals.

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