Sassy Lady, Red by The Sangria Lady

Sister to the Classy Lady.

Some time ago, Massachusetts business owner Barrielynn Wise began crafting her own "small-batch" sangria. Using the finest ingredients, and attention to every detail, step-by-step...sip-by-sip..."SHE" began to form. Barrielynn would take her to parties, gatherings and events and in no time, word traveled. Sangria fans across New England were sipping, smiling and saying "There is a Gal in town...and her name is The Sangria Lady!" 

6% alcohol; Available for in store/curbside pick up with valid ID; Sassy Lady is delicious served cold over ice and can be spritz'd with your choice of seltzer, gingerale or sparkler wine.  For winter months, Barrielynn developed a hot and mulled recipe--yum!

The Sangria Lady works well with many of our gift basket offerings; call ahead to learn more about customization, 508-992-3494

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