Original Oil Painting by Robert Abele - Freedom & Flight

Freedom & Flight is an original oil painting created in 2017 by Robert Abele.  The painting's composition is defined by seagulls in flight.  Coastal in nature, the painting depicts a common beach scene where your mind completes the image with the sound of gawking gulls and the warmth of the sunlight is felt on your skin.  This painting measures 18" x 24" and is framed in a 3" wide black frame.  Abele's sense of light and color come through in this small painting and it is sure to add sunlight to your room. 

Rob says, "My paintings invite the viewer to experience the landscape in a personal and expressive way." 

Robert Abele III is a painter in Southeastern Massachusetts.  Landscape engages him in an interior dialogue about its own significance and its relation to the environment and myself. These thoughts generate the final image.  He uses simple materials oil, brushes, canvas and an antique easel that keeps him connected to the past. His composition starts with loose sketches done in vine charcoal. He feels his way through the landscape paying close attention to its shapes and textures. Simplicity and refinement happen only after a detailed draft is executed. He seeks the simplification of form in the service of a sophisticated arrangement and design.

Having studied at the School of Visual Arts in the early 1990's, he was influenced by the artists of the Ashcan school and their documentary approach to image making. He chose to abandon the human presence and the subject of everyday life in order to represent the stillness of a scene. The observer’s eye completes the narrative on a human scale.


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