Duende Glass Panel

This panel is a ceramic glass print by Tracy Silva Barbosa of Duende Glass, New Bedford, MA.  Its frame measures 37.25" x 17.5"  x 2.5" and it is translucent.

Artist Statement:  The Alchemy of Glass is a freezing of time that happens when the fire is at its peak and the molten elements accept their new crystalline shape. Glass is liquidity frozen in space.

 A window (like a memory) is a perfectly sentimental, simple, ephemeral concept. A portal to admire, explore, to frame your exterior environment. The idiosyncratic lead paint weathered New England windows pictured in my work, with their delicate craculature and near nautical workmanship, harkens a time in history, and possesses a multifaceted statement on our sentiments and ubiquitous toxic modern environs. Seen with an artistic/alchemical view: a lead encrusted window suggests subconscious sight, the unknown archetypes that affect us all, and how we register our particular experiences.

My glassworks employ layers of imagery.  These sculptural paintings allow light-play between drawn, printed and painted postindustrial iconography such telephone poles, urban infrastructure along with silhouetted birds in flight, flora and fauna. Melding together in a lyrical "Wabi-Sabi" between our peripheral environs, archetypal ideals with the varying elements of glass’s physicality -floating in time, space and memory.

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