Cork Dork: A Virtual Wine Salon

Join us on Sunday, October 25th at 3pm for our virtual wine salon. 

Our Wine Salons are back! This time virtual, and with a book club spin. We'll be guided by our resident wine expert, Corey Nuffer. 

It will be a different approach to developing your palate. Informed by a more narrative-driven primer to wine, as well as a focus on science, all thrown into helpful relief with Bianca Bosker’s life-changing book, Cork Dork: A Wine-Fueled Adventure Among the Obsessive Sommeliers, Big Bottle Hunters, and Rogue Scientists Who Taught Me to Live for Taste.

- You’ll learn just as much about how your body works when you smell and taste.

- We’ll explore the importance of words, something that’s often overlooked during tastings...and pretty much all wine lists ever.

While you don’t need to read the book to enjoy the class, and heck, you don’t even need to be drinking anything involving alcohol to enjoy the class. Yes, it will be that good.

For those of you who want to review what you already know to those who are novices, you’ll find the experience profoundly transformative.   

This product is for the class registration fee only. You can buy the book, class, and farmer's fizz tasting bundle here