Glass Vessel Sink

This is a glass vessel sink that is handcrafted in Sudbury, MA by Constance Kolman and her trained artisans.  The diameter of the sink is 16-5/16" and 5-1/2" tall.  A true statement piece for a dream bathroom.

Kolman Artisan Glass® is a new and dramatic form of decorative glass for use in high-end residential and commercial settings.  Through the use of exotic papers, paints, and resins, Constance Kolman and her artisans transform this centuries old medium into a contemporary and unique finish that strikes a chord with every new design.  Each piece of glass is handcrafted in her Sudbury, MA studio. Whether the glass is used as an Architectural Statement, a Limited Edition piece of fine art, or as a Fine Furnishing, once Kolman Artisan Glass® is incorporated into the realm of design, the space is transformed into a setting not soon forgotten.

Shades of green and aqua blue throughout reminiscent of the ocean waters.  For additional photographs of the vessel sink, please contact us directly.

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