Meredith Brower

Meredith Brower, eco-artist and photographer is owner/operator of Firefly Mandala and Meredith Brower Photography in Tiverton, RI. Each Mandala is foraged and photographed locally in Tiverton, RI.  These mandalas are impermanent eco-art. Captured at the moment of design, they are left to recycle back into nature and well never look the same as they did at that exact moment of creation.  Each Mandala is completely different in color, texture, movement and feel. Named after the inner fire we all possess, these "Firefly Mandalas" were ignited in 2016. Meredith's work is inspired by the farm coast, local beaches and ever-changing fauna at her farm in South Tiverton, where she grew up and gratefully lives today with her mom, dog Blackjack and kitty Babushka.