2021 Fine Art Calendar by Margo Connolly-Masson

Designed by Margo Connolly-Masson, a 2021 Fine Art Calendar. Each month features a unique bird and the orientation varies between portrait and landscape by design.

Margo created the original collages by painting pages from field guides and her old grad school text books.  She then cut and glued the paper onto her bird designs and added details with paint, ink, tape and even some scraps of her son's art work.  If you look closely at each image you'll be able to see some of the details. 

The box set makes a perfect gift and comes with its own frame. It can also fit in a wooden stand or small tabletop easel (not included). 

Fun fact: Margo created January's Ibis design during one of our livestream demonstrations (it and a few other of her original collages are also available for purchase at The Drawing Room).

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