Classy Lady, White by The Sangria Lady

The Classy Lady just hit the town this year!  Sister to Sassy Lady, this wine offers hints of pineapple and vanilla.  

Some time ago, Massachusetts business owner Barrielynn Wise began crafting her own "small-batch" sangria. Using the finest ingredients, and attention to every detail, step-by-step...sip-by-sip..."SHE" began to form. Barrielynn would take her to parties, gatherings and events and in no time, word traveled. Sangria fans across New England were sipping, smiling and saying "There is a Gal in town...and her name is The Sangria Lady!" 

6% alcohol; Available for in store/curbside pick up only with valid ID.

The Sangria Lady works well with many of our gift basket offerings; call ahead to learn more about customization, 508-992-3494

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