Janice Kissinger

Janice seeks to drape the body with the same beauty and grace of the traditional Indian silks she love. For her, they carry a story and as she works with each piece she imagines the woman who wore it and the woman who will wear it in its new form; where it will take her and how she will feel. Her pieces are made by my hand, using traditional felt-making methods. Beginning with luxuriously fine merino wool fibers, both the material and the item are made at once in a sculptural process involving just soap and water. She calms the bold prints with silks she hand-dyes in her studio. She sculpts garments - building rather than sewing - and she strives to create finely finished pieces.

She shows her work across the United States, including at the Smithsonian Fine Craft Show, the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, the American Craft Exposition in Chicago. In 2018, she received the Ornament Magazine Prize for Wearable Art at the PMA Show, the Award of Distinction in Wearable Fiber at CraftBoston, and her work was shown at the Korean Bojagi Forum in Seoul.

Janice lives with her family on the South Coast, so we are fortunate to host her on occasion in The Drawing Room where she speaks about her work and will often demonstrate part of her making process.