Virtual Beer Tasting with Corey Nuffer

May 12, 2020

Virtual Beer Tasting with Corey Nuffer

Corey Nuffer, of Turtle Swamp Brewing, will Zoom her way into our Zoom lives with delicious, Massachusetts craft brew in our first Virtual Beer Tasting event - Thursday, May 14th at 7:30pm. 

Known as the “beer of Jamaica Plain,” Turtle Swamp Brewing opened its doors on Memorial Day weekend, 2017, just six minutes from Corey’s house. She soon became a fan of the beer but wanted to learn more. After a couple years, she eventually joined the Turtle team, a move that allowed her to get to know the beer much better but also be around some of the nicest, nerdiest people you’ll find. She felt right at home. 

Working in the tap rooms, Corey started to notice how many of the beers “work” for folks who aren’t historically “beer” drinkers. “On a busy shift, inevitably you’ll get someone who doesn’t like beer but came over to the brewery to hang with friends. I found that if I deconstructed the beers by describing their flavors before mentioning what type of beer it was or sharing technical information, those people who thought they didn’t like beer would find something they found delicious. This was especially the case for the Orange Line New England India Pale Ale, a beer that is a favorite of the snootiest beer snobs as well. This universal appeal explains why it is not just the most popular beer but makes up over half of Turtle Swamp’s sales.” 

This crossover appeal also happens with most of their beers. Join us on our Zoom tasting to hear more about these great beers, but pick up a bundle of them beforehand so you can do more than just look and listen. :)

Bundles will be available for curbside pickup at The Drawing Room. Visit our online store or give us a call to preorder.