A Rug Story: Antique Rugs with Behrouz Sarlak 

March 02, 2020

A Rug Story: Antique Rugs with Behrouz Sarlak 

When Behrouz Sarlak looks at an antique rug, he sees its story. He thinks about the person who made it. He looks at the colorful patterns and considers what vegetables they used to create that specific dye. He considers why that artist used a certain motif. Was it a gift for a son or daughter? Perhaps it was a wedding present that would be hung on a wall. Behrouz follows the stories of these rugs, researching and tracing their creation, restoration, and sales as part of his Providence-based rug business, Loominous Rugs, which he runs with his brother Behboud. 

“Rugs can be like a painting,” says Behrouz. “Like viewing a work of art, you can react, reflect, and feel the love of the artist.”

Behrouz attributes the allure of these pre-WWII rugs to the passion that was put into creating each one of them. These rugs were made by artisans, something that’s apparent in the quality and design. Each rug represents a journey, from the moment it was inspired, to the moment it enters a new home after being lovingly cleaned and restored. 

Behrouz was drawn to rugs after moving from banking to the antiques business, which opened the door to learn, discover, and collect these antique rugs from galleries around the world. 

Behrouz will be bringing select rugs to The Drawing Room on Thursday, March 12th from 5-9pm as part of our AHA! Night activities. We’ll learn more about how these rugs were made and discuss the beauty of rugs as an art form.

This event is free and open to the public.

Please RSVP at bit.ly/AntiqueRugs.