A Celebration of American Craft

October 04, 2019

A Celebration of American Craft

Today kicks off American Craft Week! 

The event began as a small, grassroots effort to enhance the knowledge and appreciation of handmade craft. Now in its 10th year, American Craft Week is a well-established, national event celebrating the tradition of American craft in artists’ studios, galleries, museums, schools, festivals, and shops like The Drawing Room. 

American Craft Week is a way for us to share the work of our community’s talented artists. Won’t you join us in this celebration of makers and the artful treasures they create?

We’ve highlighted just a few of the collections here at The Drawing Room and invite you to come and see these and more of our artful treasures.

Vases by Karen Zaharee Ceramics by Craig Crawford of Wanderlust Ceramics
Door Knockers by Colby Smith Jewelry by Jasmine Keane

We also have a series of events with our artists and collaborators throughout this month. Join us for these very different talks and workshops.

Nature surrounds us and inspires the creativity of many artists who take what they see and interpret it in their own way. Two south coasts artists will share their different approaches to capturing the harmony of nature in the upcoming event “Art in Tune with Nature” at The Drawing Room, Thursday October 10th. More details.

Amy Thurber of Doves Foot Pottery will lead the Leaf Pottery Workshop on Saturday, October 19 and Saturday, October 26 in our studio. 

You’ll use leaves and other natural materials along with stoneware clay to create one of a kind ceramics.
More details.

Do you worry? You are not alone! Worry is universal and natural. Join us and learn how to shift your Worry toward a greater sense of calm. In this two hour event, we'll share strategies designed to help you achieve greater awareness and mastery over your worry!

More details.